Blender Agency Showroom, Oslo

Blender Agency Showroom, Oslo

Founded in 2003, Blender Agency has established itself as one of the most influential and forwardlooking agency businesses on the Scandinavian fashion scene. The founders, Kyrre Alver and Magnus Thorud, already had profound experience from the fashion industry before Blender Agency came to life. Knowledge from both the retail and agency side of the market, enabled Blender Agency to rapidly establish itself in the market. 

“We work with all the premium accounts in our territory, which ensures the best possible exposure for the brands we represent. We firmly believe that a supreme distribution substantiates the brand integrity, and moreover, enables a long term brand value through a unique position in the relevant market. It is our opinion that a good distribution is the key to obtain good sales number in the long term; it is a brands’ raison d'être.”
— Kyrre Alver

Sales at Blender Agency is handled from our HQ in Oslo, Norway alongside showrooms in Stockholm, Sweden and Copenhagen, Denmark. In addition, Blender Agency also conduct sales from Paris, Milan, London and New York.  

Blender Agency is also the creative director behind Diemme Footwear 



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