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Skøyen Trafostasjon 1922 © Norske Folkemuseum

Skøyen Trafostasjon 1922 © Norske Folkemuseum

The building was designed by Norwegian architect Thorvald Astrup (1876– 1940) and completed around 1922. For over 90 years, it served as part of the main electrical power supply for the west part of Oslo. Astrup, one of the most significant industrial architects of his time, particularly related to power production and transmission, factories and dams, constructed monumental installations built in neoclassic or functionalistic style.

Astrups architectual approach was based on the function and needs of the industry and defined the visual language for most of the industrial construction at the time.

Clearly defined constructions with individually proportionate volumes, distinct decorative  elements and with a signature that has become a norwegian heritage.

Other large scale projects include Såheim Power Station in Rjukan (1916), Tyssedal Power Station (1906) and all the railway stations on Tinnosbanen and Rjukanbanen.

In 2010, Skøyen Trafostasjon was refurbished and redesigned by landlord Ragde Eiendom and architects Hille-Melbye, as showrooms and officespace in order to fit the needs of Blender Agency. Today, Skøyen Trafostasjon is the homebase for Blender Agency´s widespread operations and house 12 employees and obtains a 800sqm floorspace.

Blender Agency has obtained a unique role in world of scandinavian fashionagencies and has brought many of the worlds leading fashionbrands to its region. Through extensive travelling and research, Blender Agency has become a strong trademark in itself, playing an integral role in the scandinavian fashion scene. 

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